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Breed information about Mountain Horses

Mountain Horses are gaited horses, that is to say they have a tolt / single-foot addition to the normal walk, trot and canter. This is a four beat gait, which you have no suspension and there is always at least one foot on the ground remains to this one can sit very quiet in the saddle.
The delayed passage is between walk and trot, and rapid progress is between trot and canter. These horses are also suitable as a normal riding horse and after exercise can be also made efforts, so you see that this breed is extremely useful for everyone.

There are three types Mountain Horses namely: Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horse and Spotted Mountain Horses. I will just describe below.

Rocky Mountain Horses:

The breed Rocky Mountain Horses is started in 1942 as a breed, so this breedis still very young. They are compact, strong horses with a broad chest, and a nice shaped head, low temperament and must possess the corridor tölt. The height is between 145cm and 163 cm.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses are their properties very close to the Rocky Mountain Horses. In this breed are interwoven in other horse breeds, which sometimes is a difference in temperament and sometimes has a more elegant type, by interference from other horse breeds.

Rocky The more blood there is in the race, the more the value of the horse. The height is the same as in the Rocky Mountain Horses, from 145 cm to 163 cm.

Spotted Mountain Horses Horses are Rocky Mountain spotted or Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses wearing fur, either white are somewhere above their heel. The height is the same as that of the Rocky Mountain Horses, between 145 cm and 163 cm. The breed features that Mountain Horses must meet the following: – A height between 145 cm and 163 cm – A shoulder position of 45 degrees – A four beat gait, without tendency to pace, at a rate between 10 and 30 miles per hour. This should be a natural course that the horse can drive without aids – A good temperament – The eyes should have a confident look – The ears should be well formed – The body color should be solid without exaggerated facial drawings – There should be no white showing above the heel (Spotted Mountain Horses can have this white above the heel) For more information on history.