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The founder is Old Tobe, this was a cross between a western horse and mountain horse (no tribal race, but use horse that was used both for pulling the cart, driving for long distances and for the bareback riding with the kids in Appalachia in the USA). In 1942 Sam Tuttle bred from Old Tobe and the mare Honey the founder of the breed TOBE”. He was 34 years of age used to breed and died in 1979 at age 37.     He has produced many offspring, however, there are five foundation stallions selected, which had the most variety traits of the new breed Rocky Mountain Horses.



The 5 foundation stallions are:

1. Sewell’s Sam( born 1975 )
2. Maple’s Squirrel( born 1973 )
3. Sam Clemon’s Tim( born 1976 )
Yankee en Sam Tuttle 4. Yankee with the call sign Ragtime( born 1971)
5. Kilburns Chocolate Sundown(born 1967).


This studbook was founded in 1986 and started with 36 horses and was first approved an open book, so other horses with the same breed characteristics were able to be inspected in this pedigree

Momenteel is het een gesloten stamboek. In oktober 2012 waren er al ongeveer 23000 Rocky Mountainhorses op de wereld, de meeste hiervan bevinden zich in de USA. In Europe are currently 410 registered Rocky Mountain Horses.